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Tooth Extractions

What you expect from a tooth extraction (soreness, blood, swelling, antibiotics) is far from the truth at our practice!

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Katerina Abdul Kater

I could have never imagined how life changing my appointment with Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos could be. I have found my smile that I thought I lost. Thank you for giving me back my confidence.

Anna Archontidou

Since childhood my fear has always been the visits to the dentist, never the less the fear continued up until my first visit with Dr. Anna Maria Yiannakos. I was literally shaking with fear. After my appointment, everything chaged for the better. I now actually look forward to my visits! I feel that I have made new friends and completely at home when I am there. This has been a life changing experience for me. I am free of fear and love my smile.


Patients commonly ask us, does it hurt to get a tooth removed?

Painless Tooth Extractions

First of all, we numb the area with the use of local anesthetic and then the tooth is removed gently with the selection of the right instruments.

Immediately after the tooth removal we treat the area with laser application, thus sterilizing the wound; boosting the healing process and decreasing the bleeding enormously.

Additionally, we use the innovative method of PRF, which implements stem cells and growth factors, in the extraction area.

We cover the wound with PRF gel, just like we put a pool cover to cover it.

Benefits with PRF:

Bleeding stops immediately
There is no swelling
Virtually no pain
No need for antibiotics

What to eat after a tooth extraction?

Eat soft foods after a tooth extraction. Things like smoothies, yoghurt, soup, purees, oatmeal, scrambled eggs. Anything that is easily consumed without having to work hard to break down the food.

Accreditations and Awards

Health and Safety: ISO 9001 & 18001

Laser : AALZ Laser Safety

Golder Award: Clinical Research for Dental Lasers

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