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Dr. Panikos

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Dr Panikos Yiannikos has been a dedicated dentist since 1965. He studied dentistry at the University of Athens, and in 1974 he completed his postgraduate studies in Eastman Dental Hospital in London.  He specializes in Prosthodontics (partial and full-mouth dentures) and Gerontology (the study of ageing), having the ultimate aim to improve the quality of life and oral health of senior citizens.

He was the Director of the dental department at the Nicosia General Hospital. In 1991, he established the Dental Polyclinic Yiannikou, working as a co-director with his daughter, Dr Anna-Maria Yiannikos.

“If I could turn back time, I would still choose to become a dentist. However, my pride and joy is my daughter, who gives continuity to what I have started” – Dr Panikos Yiannikos.

Dr Yiannikos is happily married with two daughters and three grandchildren, that complete his beautiful family.

Accreditations and Awards

Health and Safety: ISO 9001 & 18001

Laser : AALZ Laser Safety

Golden Award: Clinical Research for Dental Lasers

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