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Limassol Clinic

Georgiou Α´  125,

Germasogeia 4048,

Office 14, Limassol

Since the summer of 2023, we have fulfilled one more vision—a wonderful clinic by the sea in Limassol!
The reason? Over the past eight years, more than half of our patients are from Limassol. And yes, we acknowledged your desire through the question you frequently asked us—'When will you come to our city, to Limassol?'
Please note that the treatments we will offer will strictly adhere to our philosophy of biological Dentistry, respecting excellence in your care.

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Our philosophy is based on the cycle of the caterpillar, which remains safely in its cocoon until regeneration.

By choosing to put biocompatibility first, we can look forward to practising effective dentistry, while knowing that we provide patients with the safest experience for their overall health.

We always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment, all the goals of modern dentistry. Thus, a more biocompatible approach to oral health, which is the trade mark of biological dentistry.


We encompass people in a cocoon of wisdom, affection and security.

Our most updated knowledge, advanced technology, and cordial affection aim to boost self-esteem, awaken wisdom and offer wellness. This is how we explain the “Centre for Holistic Dentistry.”

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