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Our team offers you the care of preventative dentistry, through Gesy.
We choose to offer, as our priority, biocompatible materials and treatments in our dental clinic. This allows us to practice dentistry more effectively, since we know that we offer to our patients the safest experience for their general health.


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Did you know that having your teeth cleaned at the dentist is seriously beneficial? We adhere to the following protocol at Yiannikos Centre for Holistic Dentistry:

1.    Application of anaesthetic gel to your gums to make the experience extremely pleasant.

2.    Removal of tartar and plaque with the use of an ultrasonic device.

3.    All inaccessible pigments are removed with the plastering device.

4.    A meticulous clinical examination of your mouth is performed by projecting what we discover on the tv screen, with the use of an intraoral camera.

5.    We provide personalised oral hygiene tips (correct brushing method, flossing etc.)

6.    We provide nutritional advice depending on your lifestyle – since food and drinks affect your oral health.

Cleaning of the teeth at the clinic for the benefit of your health!


During your clinical examination at our dental centre, we use the intraoral camera, an advanced and useful dental tool, which provides an image of your entire mouth, thus, enabling us to detect any dental problems at an early stage.

The intraoral camera effectively detects any problems, even in the most inaccessible areas of your mouth. With the use of the tiny camera, the images are displayed on the TV screen so that we can evaluate them. This saves valuable time, as the images can guide us during additional means of diagnosis and care measures. We are, thus, able to detect problems at an early stage, giving you the advantage of receiving a treatment that is less invasive, less costly and less time consuming.

As Dr. Anna-Maria Yiannikos says, “It is our responsibility to acknowledge our patients as our partners; it is our duty to offer them complete information regarding their dental care.

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Frequently asked questions:

Should I bring a referral from my GP?
The good thing with Gesy, regarding dental treatments, is that you do not need that- you may call us and book your appointment directly- You just need to provide us with your id number and your date of birth.

Can I do my fillings / my orthodontic treatment through gesy?
What type of treatments does gesy cover?- you can have a full clinical check-up and your professional teeth cleaning covered by gesy.

Is there any charge for the above treatments?
There is no charge for the dental treatments that are covered by gesy! We will ‘be rewarded’ when we see you smiling with joy after the treatment, by being happy with the service we provided!

Have you changed your level of service due to gesy?
Absolutely not! Our goal is to make you feel how exceptional patient you are, whether you are a gesy patient or not!

Are cosmetic treatments like Invisalign, teeth whitening, or veneers covered by Gesy?  
No, Gesy will not cover any cosmetic treatments like crowns, dentures, or any more advanced treatments. Gesy covers a full clinical check-up and your professional teeth cleaning, once per year.

What dental treatments are available to children under Gesy?

Ages 0-4: One visit per year for oral cavity examination.

Ages 4-6: One visit per year for dental scaling and oral cavity examination.

Ages 6-12: One visit per year for dental scaling and oral cavity examination.

Ages 12+: One visit per year for dental scaling and oral cavity examination.

Accreditations and Awards

Health and Safety: ISO 9001 & 18001

Laser : AALZ Laser Safety

Golden Award: Clinical Research for Dental Lasers

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