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Can champagne affect the health of your teeth?

You might know already that red wine can stain your teeth, right? What about champagne, though? Can this sparkling wine be harmful to your teeth? Let’s explore that together.

The truth is that champagne contains carbonic acid, which is one of the sound causes of enamel erosion; consequently, your enamel becomes thinner and porous, and more quickly, your teeth get discoloured. Additionally, your mouth gets dry due to alcohol consumption, creating an environment of more cavities.

How to protect your smile after a glass of champagne?

The truth is a single glass of champagne is unlikely to harm your smile.

Here are some precautions that you could take into consideration:

1. After drinking champagne, try to stay hydrated by drinking water to reduce the acidity

2. Brush your teeth at least after 30 minutes after finishing champagne consumption.

3. Chew sugarless gum when brushing is not possible.

4. Be sure to visit us regularly to ensure your mouth is healthy.

A dental cleaning could save you time and money in the long run.

Most people put off visiting the dentist until there is an obvious problem or pain. However, are you aware of the numerous benefits of professional dental cleanings?

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. By regularly visiting our team for your dental cleanings, we can ensure that your teeth are healthy and fix any minor issues before they develop into larger, more costly ones.

Our Dental Cleaning Protocol Includes:

• We apply the anaesthetic gel before starting the procedure for a more pleasant experience.

• We remove plaque with the ultrasonic machine.

• The most inaccessible stains are carried away by our airflow machine.

• We continue with a complete clinical examination, and you can see your mouth with our intra-oral camera on the big tv screen.

• We offer you a personalized oral hygiene plan based on your teeth' anatomy and structure.

• Additionally, according to your lifestyle, we will give you detailed nutritional tips on food and beverages that affect your oral health.

• Finally, we finish the professional teeth cleaning by applying the dental laser to your gums that destroys toxins.


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