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Stem Cells (PRF)

Did you know that, for the extraction of your teeth, the treatment of gum disease, as well as for the solution of any aesthetic problems of your mouth, we use the most innovative and beneficial treatment for you, the PRF method, which is a technique with stem cells and growth factors?


What do they say

The process is:

Very simple and extremely effective!


Procedure description:

-       Initially, we draw up 10 ml of blood from our patient.

-       We process it with the method of centrifugation.

-       The PRF mixture is placed on the extracted area or gum (for regeneration).

-       Superfast process, 10-15 minutes ONLY !!!

What is PRF?

The PRF mixture contains precious cells, which are very beneficial for you! Cells such as platelets, leukocytes, growth factors and stem cells!

The treatments for which we use PRF at the Yiannikos Center for Holistic Dentistry:  

At our center, with a completely holistic approach, we choose the technique of stem cells & growth factors (PRF) in the daily, simple dental practice!

We use PRF in a variety of dental treatments to enhance the regeneration of the soft tissues and bone of your mouth.

It is especially useful when applied:

 1. IMMEDIATELY after the extraction of your tooth,
2. During the placement of an implant,
3. For the treatment of gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis)
4. Solving aesthetic problems in your mouth, as in the case of gingivitis or exposure to the roots.


To which patients can the PRF method be applied?

To everyone!!!



This is a highly effective treatment option, especially if you belong to one of the following categories:


  • Diabetics

  • Smokers

  • Lack of vitamin D

  • High cholesterol

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • If you take aspirin daily - you do NOT need to stop taking aspirin for extraction, when PRF is applied to the wound.

  • If you are taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis.

  • If you have had head and neck radiotherapy. 

If you belong to one of the above groups, you will most likely have a severe problem in healing after the extraction of your tooth. So PRF is recommended!


Some of the many advantages of the method are that:

1.     The bleeding stops immediately,
2.     You do not have swelling,
3.     ZERO  pain,
4.     Rapid healing
5.     NO need for antibiotics!
6.     The procedure is fast, COMPLETELY painless, absolutely safe and effective
7.    And the value of the treatment is 100% affordable!
8.    The method is completely autologous, therefore, there are no additives, so you will not have allergies or any side effects!

Eirini & Dr. Yiannikos 1 2.jpg

Why choose us? 

All the above assure you that PRF is necessary, as all biological treatments are essential in our center !!!

I would like to point out that, at the Yiannikos Center for Holistic Dentistry, our treatments focus on the protection, not only of oral health, but above all of your general health.

And yes, we NEVER stop! Dr Anna-Maria Yiannikos and Eirini Fragkiadaki (the great assistant) have been trained in 2018, by the inventor of the PRF method, Dr Choukroun! 

Accreditations and Awards

Health and Safety: ISO 9001 & 18001

Laser : AALZ Laser Safety

Golden Award: Clinical Research for Dental Lasers

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