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20+1 Reasons why Zirconium Implants are the Future

Researching a new dental treatment can be stressful; the result is unknown, and many authors on the topic often disagree. When it comes to Zirconium implants, however, the literature confirms that it's the best way forward for effective tooth restoration.

Dental implants are designed to replace missing permanent teeth; traditionally, they have been made from titanium. Today, however, Zirconium implants are the option most recommended by experts. So why the fascination with this new-age alternative?

1. Aesthetics

In simple terms, Zirconium is a tooth-colored ceramic fitting, and each implant consists of just one piece. It also has a bright white color compared to titanium which is usually grey and dull. Therefore Zirconium implants add a more natural and beautiful look to your smile. In addition, because they look similar to your original teeth, your friends and family will not notice the implants at all!

2. Durability

Zirconium implants are solid, which means you can benefit from lasting long-term results. In addition, it's a material celebrated for its uncanny resistance, impressive strength, and inflexibility when exposed to pressure. This means that they can even be used for full-mouth implants.

3. Safety

Dentists are responsible for protecting their patients; allergies are a huge concern for many. Opting for metal implants might seem stress-free initially, but titanium often causes irritation and complications years later. Symptoms for sensitive patients include bone loss and dental implant failure. With zirconium implants, however, there is no cause for concern. They are 100% hypoallergenic, alleviating all risks and dangers of allergies or any other type of infection or sensitivity.

4. Convenience

Zirconium dental implants are placed straight after tooth extraction, which means that patients benefit from a shorter duration of treatment but also a shorter recovery time.

5. Health

For a long time, titanium was the material that dominated the implant industry. But more and more literature is revealing the damaging effects of titanium overtime on the human body. This realization of the limits of titanium spurred new research in the late 1980s for a non-metal alternative.

6. Protection

Scientists prove that many people are allergic to metal, particularly nickel and titanium. So imagine how dangerous it can be to have these substances in the mouth. As a result, countless patients have witnessed unexplained implant failure, sometimes years later. In contrast, zirconium implants are made of ceramic and do not pose such a threat.

7. Flexibility

Every person has a very different dental profile, and many patients have receding gums. So imagine what happens with traditional titanium implants: these materials often corrode and stain the gum, making it look grey and metallic. In some cases, one can also see the implant's metal shooting out of the gum tissue. Instead, the ceramic magic of zirconium implants allows the whole area to look completely natural, like the original tooth or even better!

8. Protection

Undoubtedly, Zirconium is much safer for the mouth than titanium. However, titanium implants are often responsible for more plaque accumulation. The result? Diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

9. Neutrality

Ceramic does not spark electric charge; therefore, Zirconium removes the risk of corrosion as one would expect with metal-based implants.

10. Biocompatibility

The wonderful thing about zirconium implants is that the body welcomes the substance wholeheartedly. Titanium implants often spark a reaction in the body as the metal corrodes and breaks down, and the immune system automatically feels under attack. Instead, zirconium implants are fully biocompatible.

11. Strength

No need to freak out over scenarios of implants breaking, for this is not valid. Zirconium implants are incredibly resilient. They can handle high levels of pressure and will not break.

12. Ease

Zirconium implants feel like natural teeth, allowing patients to chew efficiently and not need long periods of adjustment.

13. Holistic

Anyone dedicated to holistic dentistry will thank their lucky stars for zirconium implants. Their ceramic base means that they are the most biological choice. In addition, they do not interrupt movement or energy flows, resulting in acupuncturists and energy experts highly recommending Zirconium.

14. Bacteria-free

Thanks to the one-piece structure of zirconium implants, they are more resistant to bacteria. In comparison, titanium implants are two-piece units; therefore, the gap between the two parts is plagued with bacteria. This collection of germs can cause inflammation, bone loss, or implant failure.

15. Low-Risk

Zirconium implants are relatively non-invasive. Therefore, the chances of infection are at an absolute low, your recovery time is minimal, and you can get on with life in record time!

16. Appeal

Patients have frequently commented that they like how their jaw looks after receiving ceramic-based implants.

17. Substance-Free

The resilience of zirconium implants means that no adhesives are needed for the procedure.

18. Freshness

Any implants containing ceramic are also bioinert, meaning they do not absorb odors as easily. However, old-fashioned metal implants are known to absorb odors and bring on bad breath as a result.

19. Resilience

When an implant is metal-free, you also avoid the effects of pitting. The absence of pits then rules out issues such as corrosion or bacteria.

20. Reassurance

Life is stressful enough: zirconium implants ensure greater peace of mind than titanium implants. In addition, these are tooth restorations that are more wholesome for your body, more appealing to the eye, and more stable for your health.

21. Satisfaction

Τrust, the experts insist on zirconium implants as the better option!

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