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New Generation Smile!

We’re living in a period of rebirth and renewal – and the same applies to dental treatments too!

So what better time to consider smile regeneration, the most popular feel-good procedure in dentistry. It’s not only an aesthetic treatment but it’s 100% holistic too! Let’s check it out!

What is Smile Regeneration?

Smile Regeneration is any combination of dental techniques designed to create a brand new smile. It’s a corrective process that addresses aesthetic imperfections of your natural teeth. And yes, at Yiannikos Centre, we focus strictly on holistic methods in order for our clients to experience the best possible outcome!

Why consider Smile Regeneration?

Smile Regeneration is the answer for anyone unhappy with their smile. What each person dislikes about their teeth is different and there are countless reasons. I have witnessed patients suffering from shorter teeth because of continual grinding. Others have come to the clinic with an uneven smile hoping to straighten it out. Another popular scenario is when a patient has received mercury fillings in the past and is now embarrassed of their discoloured, damaged or even rotten teeth!

In short, smile regeneration is for anyone wanting more confidence in their appearance. It can be daunting to stand in front of a camera or face an audience or simply being out and about. It’s not nice to turn away when a photo is taken or to hide your teeth all the time. Furthermore, it’s not just a physical imperfection – it can also affect your mood, your behaviour, even your relationships or career. This issue affects some people all their lives and yet for others, Smile Regeneration can suddenly transform things for the better! It’s a chance to lift your cheeks with a gorgeous looking smile for the first time; to laugh until your tummy hurts without feeling awkward. You can witness the best version of your smile!

Where do I begin with Smile Regeneration?

Let me show you how the Smile Regeneration journey begins. It’s a series of mega-easy steps:

1) Our starting point is a consultation at our clinic. The first appointment is a chance to share your thoughts and to clarify the kind of smile you have in mind. This then allows us to discover your personal needs and help you to map out your goals. Smile Regeneration is about creating your individual smile and we take pride in our customised approach with every single one of you!

2) The next step is to design how your new teeth will look by observing the colour, shape and size that together will shape your revised smile. Let’s call it ‘smile architecture’. It’s a multi-dimensional process where we observe a diversity of elements in order to reach your favourite design! This goes deeper than the aesthetic aspect of your smile: being a holistic centre, we observe a multitude of factors that concern your body as a whole. We study everything from the structure of your face to the aspects of your personality. This thorough observation allows us to recommend the best future smile that corresponds to your appearance and your character. We aim to create new-look teeth that have the right proportions but also blend naturally with your facial features.

What is the Smile Regeneration procedure?

Before you start thinking worst-case scenarios, here is a brief description of the treatment.

We begin with a simple preparation of the tooth or teeth and then using our state-of-the-art robotics equipment, we then receive a super-detailed image of your mouth.

Then we need a maximum of five working days and then we’re ready to show you the new teeth that will grace your mouth! We then apply a biocompatible ceramic-based material to attach and secure the new teeth, in the form of facings or crowns. These fixtures are custom-made constructs for each patient and with their installation, you can then witness the most positive transformation of your smile.

Why is Smile Regeneration so recommended?

It’s a process with a host of advantages that I would like to share with you:

1) The method ensures the most natural look

2) The procedure does not damage our health whatsoever

3) The new symmetrical smile will correspond perfectly to the proportions of your mouth and face.

4) The treatment pays respect to your oral cavity and its dimensions therefore smile regeneration also corrects your teeth bite and can even improve your speech.

5) The materials used are 100% biocompatible in order to ensure your holistic health and well-being.

6) The materials used come with a written guarantee to confirm what exactly has been used.

7) The procedure will leave you feeling fantastic. It’s a great confidence boost and means of self-love. Your teeth can finally look good and you’ll be feeling even better too! It might just be the answer to a new chapter in your life so why not go for it?

Why choose Yiannikos Centre for Smile Regeneration?

If you are embarking on your own smile Renaissance then look no further – your smile journey at my centre is smooth-sailing! I have mastered the security of holistic care alongside the thrill of aesthetic beauty! I have explored the industry for 32 years and I am no stranger to the latest approaches in dental care. Specifically, I developed my expertise following my Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). My career abides by the principle ‘I grow old therefore I learn’ which means that my clinic is forever up-to-date with further training. I thrive on change and innovation with my patients’ best interest at heart.

Is Smile Regeneration scary?

Of course not! This is a procedure without scary surprises or unpredictable results. It’s natural to be feeling uneasy however let me assure you that with such sophisticated technology at our fingertips, a great smile is a sure thing! Have it in mind that the digital software at the heart of the smile design allows you to view your future look even before you embark on smile regeneration!

Change does not always have to be a difficult solution – take the leap towards better-looking set of teeth without any stress or hassle. And the result? A big, beaming smile exactly how you pictured it!


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