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Happy New Year, Happy Teeth!

Everyone loves the magic of new beginnings, and January is the time to do just that! Around the world, many people start the year with ground-breaking life changes. If you still need to make your New Year's resolution, why not dedicate it to your teeth?

January is the perfect month for introducing new habits to your everyday life. It could not be easier now that GESY has covered dental care since December 2020! Christmas is the most expensive time of the year, and many of us find ourselves starting in 2023 thinking about expenses. But luckily, the national health system of Cyprus covers dental appointments for a dental cleaning service. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy health services that are accessible and available to everyone.

It could also not be more convenient. GESY appointments combine a dental cleaning procedure with a clinical examination in one slot. So at zero cost, each citizen is entitled to a treatment package that is holistic and comprehensive for your oral health! It's also incredibly efficient and will not disrupt your diary! In one session, you receive the cleaning part and analysis, assessment, and diagnosis where applicable.

You may wonder what a typical appointment is like, and that's understandable. So, here is a step-by-step account of our dental cleaning process to highlight the main benefits.

1. No Pain, Extra Gain

Firstly, the cleaning process is primarily pain-free due to the aesthetic gel applied to your gums, creating a super pleasant and, above all, safer experience.

2. Waves of Change

Once the gel has worked its magic, an ultrasonic device removes the tartar and plaque. This technological marvel uses high-frequency sound waves to remove bacteria and tackle hard-to-reach areas. This type of dental cleaning is gentle on the gums and therefore does not damage the enamel of your teeth. So your teeth are cleaned thoroughly without a single sign of injury.

3. Get Blown Away!

The next step involves witnessing the wonders of airflow cleaning. It is a unique system where water and a special powder are blasted along the teeth to remove all pigments and stains. It's so effective that it can penetrate narrow and more inaccessible areas. It is a miracle worker for modern-day teeth affected by coffee, smoking, and other habits that cause severe discoloration.

4. Life on the Big Screen

Once the cleaning process is complete, a meticulous clinical examination follows. At Yiannikos Centre, we incorporate an intraoral camera to project video footage of your mouth onto a television screen. This technology gives us the correct data for close-up analysis of the structures in the mouth. As a result, we can assess and diagnose issues such as dental cavities. You can observe the visuals, too, so we can better discuss issues and what treatment plan may be required.

Above all, it's a chance for us to get to know you and discover your needs. We can uncover dental problems in their early stages and help find solutions. We end our cleaning and examination procedure with a feedback session, allowing us to reflect on the treatment and suggest long-term practices for preserving your oral health at home. Some of the areas we cover include:

1. Designing personalized oral hygiene tips

2. Instructing you on how to brush and floss effectively based on your teeth' anatomy and structure

3. Sharing nutritional advice depending on your lifestyle, e.g., suggesting foods and drinks that can better support your oral health

Therefore, you'll receive expert consultation in a comfortable and nurturing environment, the best recipe for 2023 commitments.

So why book your GESY appointment today?

Here is our list of 10 reasons for making that call:

1. You are entitled to this health benefit

2. The procedure is free

3. You have the chance to detect dental problems early

4. The treatment is less time-consuming

5. You experience a dental cleaning process that is non-invasive

6. The appointment comes painlessly

7. You get a better understanding of oral hygiene

8. The consultation provides long-term health advice

9. You will incorporate oral health into your wellness regime

10. You will witness benefits in your overall health too!

Whether it's a 2023 goal or not, professional dental cleaning is a must. There are so many health benefits attached to cleaner and stronger teeth. So book your appointment today and start your wellness journey for 2023!


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