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Are you about to travel to Cyprus? Then you may be interested in visiting us so as to beautify your teeth. 

Teeth Whitening

It is indeed the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Yes, it is true; your teeth, unfortunately, can discolour for many reasons. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for you to wish you had a whiter smile. The good news is that, now, you too can obtain the smile you dream of, through whitening treatment. Teeth whitening, is an aesthetic technique that aims to improve your teeth's colour with absolute safety! The result; A bright, healthy, white smile!


What do they say

We regulate all appointments and we coordinate, so that we perform many dental treatments during limited visits, such as tooth whitening along with tooth cleaning, using ultrasound and airflow, consultation, digital x-ray/-s, biocompatible white fillings, dental splint for tooth grinding. More over, with minor touches, we can make your smile more beautiful


Bleaching in our CENTRE

With short visit to our clinic, you can obtain a smile that will radiate health and change your mood.


The effective procedure is as follows: First, we apply the protective gel on the gums to avoid any discomfort. Then, we apply the whitening agent on your teeth, then, 3 times, once every 10 minutes, we activate it with the help of the LED light source. Treatment time? 30 minutes ONLY!

From: £150

Bleaching at home

For the home bleaching method, we only need 10 minutes of your precious time. 

At the first visit, we take the dental imprints (measures), so that the dental laboratory can make special personalized trays. 

Why? To ensure absolute accuracy and thus, their perfect application on your teeth. On these personalised trays, you will apply the whitening gel for a few hours, either during the day or at night, while you enjoy your sleep. And this for ONLY 1-2 weeks. And yes!


This way, you get a bright smile that suits you! 

From £130


For our international Patients

1.    Yes, our patients from abroad have always a priority for the appointments at our centre.

2.    Yes, you may arrange a complementary online meeting with us, where, you may have all your questions answered and meet us ‘in person.’

3.    Yes, we offer concierge services, complimentary.

4.    Yes, the parking is free for our patients from abroad.

5.    Yes, our Centre is accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, which ensures the top quality of our services and the safety of our patients. We also, perform prosthodontics like crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, porcelain veneers made by high quality, aesthetic, long-lasting, biocompatible materials such as Zirconium. All our treatments are accompanied by a written warranty.

6.     Yes, continuous education defines us, as the Holistic Dental Center; we are dedicated to our work, cultivate the culture of oral health for our unique patients, while recognizing with a scientific basis, that the mouth is the mirror of your health!

7.    And yes! We care about our EVOLUTION! We never stop! 


Why choose us? 

Dr Yiannikos will decide along with you, which whitening method is more suited for you and the frequency of its repetition. In addition, she will share with you useful tips to maintain your bright smile. 

Our whole team at the Yiannikos Center for Holistic Dentistry is constantly trained, thus upgrading our services with new technology tools and knowledge, to provide you with something great: a comfortable and, above all, painless treatment.

We choose and use the most suitable and safe materials, shaping a personalized treatment for you!


Before & After

Accreditations and Awards

Health and Safety: ISO 9001 & 18001

Laser : AALZ Laser Safety

Golden Award: Clinical Research for Dental Lasers

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