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Why the Future is Biological

What is biological dentistry and why choose it?

Biological dentistry is also called holistic or biocompatible dentistry but whatever term is used, it defines a more natural approach to dentistry.

The fundamental principle of biological dentistry is to diagnose, prevent, treat and maintain oral health by utilizing natural therapies. It’s classified as an ‘alternative practice’ however this revolutionary approach is fast becoming mainstream due to its popularity and its benefits.

With current social and cultural trends adopting a more health-conscious attitude, there is a demand for solutions to traditional dental procedures such as mercury fillings and chemical teeth whitening. This is where biological dentistry comes in because it prioritizes both oral health and overall physical well-being when performing a treatment.

Are biological dentists trained differently?

Yes and No! Biological dentists like myself, are trained in conventional dentistry like every licensed practitioner. Further to my conventional studies however, I have been accredited for dental biological therapies by the IAOMT, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. So what does this mean for my patients? It means that, alongside cavity fillings and treatment for periodontal disease, I go beyond treating the symptoms. This is because biological dentists do their best to uncover the deeper root of the problem.

As a professional, I thrive on piecing together the patient’s medical history in order to understand their teeth. Typically, a biological dentist will inquire into the patient’s diet, alcohol consumption, fitness regime, hormone imbalances and sleep patterns that can influence healing and prevention.

These factors are also taken into consideration when administering the relevant treatment. Biological methods make use of organic and natural materials that are free from toxins and safe for human consumption. For example, a biological dental clinic refuses to use mercury – we do not condone toxic materials that can negatively affect your overall health.

Connected to this, every patient entering my clinic has biocompatibility guaranteed in their treatment. This means that we evaluate the safety of our treatments in accordance with the case-specific profile of the patient. We study the chemicals and materials to be used, the tissues that will be exposed during the treatment and the length of exposure in order to design the best possible treatment plan. Stress assessments and blood samples may also be taken in the planning stage. This is an essential prerequisite of biological dentistry. We do our utmost to ensure every patient’s well-being and avoid unwanted allergic reactions.

Why do we choose biological dentistry?

Biological dentistry is committed to restorative medicine: the philosophy of rebuilding your body chemistry and promoting self-repair. For example, biological dentists avoid drilling and instead consult techniques to preserve the existing tooth. Biological dentistry is about presenting to the patient more sustainable and beneficial alternatives that incorporate natural medicine. For example, instead of metal crowns and amalgam fillings, biological dentists opt for white, biocompatible fillings, without parabens or BPA and keep dental mercury a thing of the past.

This means that the relationship with your dentist is one that treats your overall health as one entity. Your first consultation requires you to fill out paperwork related to your health history so that your treatment plan has the optimum impact.

How is biological dentistry used at Yiannikos?

Let me give some examples of treatments you can enjoy with us:

1) There is SMART which stands for the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique – it’s the safest and best process for removing old, amalgam fillings.

2) We make use of stem cells and growth factors that support faster and healthier healing after any dental treatment

3) Any dental implants include Zirconium, a 100% biocompatible material so there is no risk of developing an allergy or infection or any other nasty side effect

4) We install fillings that do not contain parabens

5) Our crowns, dental bridges and implants are constructed with ceramic materials

6) The orthodontic method of the clinic focuses on Invisalign®, the world’s leading brand in invisible tooth aligner trays which are a biocompatible solution of course!

7) We apply laser treatments for attacking bacteria and toxins and for cleaning cavities

8) We employ state-of-the-art Robotic 3D technology, dental lasers and Digital Smile Design so that your smile is customised effectively and more importantly, safely

9) Our thermal camera and digital X-ray equipment is available on standby for examining your dental problems with minimum radiation exposure!

Can biological dentistry save your teeth?

The answer is yes! We follow a strict biological protocol for periodontal treatments. Periodontitis is when infection spreads to the bone and ligaments holding the teeth without feeling pain. It’s a silent killer of the teeth that demands a biological solution for the best results.

We firstly clean the plaque from the root. Then laser is applied to eliminate any lingering bacteria. To complete the biological process, we use PRF – which stands for platelet rich fibrin – and this allows stem cells and growth factors to work their magic and allow effective self-healing. It’s a revolutionary approach to treating gum disease because you benefit from:

1) No pain whatsoever

2) No injections

3) No sensation of numbness

4) Minimal seated time in the chair

5) Absolute comfort

6) No need for antibiotics afterwards

7) Autologous treatment, meaning that you are healed without the presence of additives that could cause allergies and side effects

It is this range of services at our centre that provides a consistent biological approach to your dental care for all of your treatments!

Why is biological dentistry so amazing?

I’m proud to be an ambassador of biological dentistry. It’s more than just a medical specialization – biological is a whole philosophy that enhances your daily life. And it shapes my clinic and the promise we make to you – to provide the best possible dental care for your body as one wonderful entity!

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